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We bring you all the latest from Monday Night Raw which took place from New Orleans, LA.  Tonight, we discuss the Big Show, and just how convincing he was at selling the idea of him turning on the fans.  It's not often that one can promote a main event program without their PPV opponent even in the building, but Big Show managed to pull it off this evening.  We also chat about the possibility of Dolph Ziggler seperating himself from his tag-team partner Jack Swagger, and who should be on the cover of the upcoming WWE 13 video game, CM Punk? Or John Laurainitis? We're talking Brodus Clay, Santino Marella, Brock Lesnar, Kane and more.  This is wrestling talk radio, this is SRL 'On a Monday Night'.  Like our show?  Find us in the iTunes store and post a review! Facebook.com/smacktalkradio for all the latest

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