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We are breaking down the Monday Night Raw that took place tonight from Pittsburgh, PA.  In a heated episode, James and Corey discuss Paul Heyman serving papers to HHH on behalf of Brock Lesnar, and Heyman creating a lawsuit of his own.  We also talk about the amount of TV time John Laurainitis is receiving and just what direction he is heading in.  We chat about the upcoming 'Over The Limit' PPV happening this Sunday, discussing different options for different matches such as the fatal 4-way involving Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho.  A lot to get to...and there's only one place to hear it.  Wrestling Talk Radio. Smacktalk Radio Live. 'Like' our Facebook page at facebook.com/smacktalkradio and add us on Twitter @SRLradio

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