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We debut a new show idea this week and have titled it Smacktalk's 'Quick Take'.  Due to time constraints, we weren't able to pump out a full episode of Smacktalk Radio Live, so consider this an abbreviated show on our thoughts of the week that was in professional wrestling.  We literally sat down, pressed record, and started talking in front of our mics about whatever came to mind.  We're going with the mentality that 'something is better than nothing'.  This won't be a common theme, but on weeks where a full show just can't be produced, this is the next best thing.  Tonight, we talk Monday Night Raw that took place from Oklahoma City, OK and discuss just how the Wrestlemania lineup is beginning to take shape.  We talk HHH vs Undertaker, Punk vs Jericho, Cena vs Kane, the two Elimination Chamber matches and more...it's 'Quick Take'...and it doesn't suck.  Facebook.com/smacktalkradio

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