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Three days away from the WWE presenting it's 'Hell in a Cell' PPV and we preview the big event.  Among our predictions, we discuss the latest with the Ryback/CM Punk situation, John Cena being brought into a new 'scandal' involving AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero, and the battle of heavyweights, Sheamus vs Big Show.  We debate whether this could be the end of Daniel Bryan and Kane's tag team title reign, and just where does Dolph Ziggler fit into this weekend? In our 'Local Wrestling Scene', we continue our two week buildup to ECCW's most entertaining show of the year, 'Halloween Hell'.  Joined by our local wrestling insider Corey Basso, we speak with 'hell veteran, ECCW Hardcore Champion Moondog Manson and also the ECCW Women's Champion, KC Spinelli, getting their thoughts on the huge weekend locally.  Like our show?  Subscribe to us in the iTunes store and leave some feedback letting us know what you think!  @SRLradio on Twitter

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