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We bring you the latest with the week it was in the WWE, as John Cena shifts away from Brock Lesnar, and moves towards the Big Show.  These two will square off at 'No Way Out' on June 17th, and we discuss how this is shaping up, and where John Laurainitis fits into it all.  Should this be the main event program on television right now?  We also chat about the returning Christian, and his rise to the immediate top as Intercontinental Champion.  In our 'Local Wrestling Scene', we chat with Jeff Duncan, better known to the wrestling world as ECCW manager, 'The Natural'.  It's the ECCW's (eccw.com) 16th anniversary and to help celebrate, we are giving away a pair of tickets to one of their 'Sweets 16' shows this upcoming weekend.  Gotta listen to win. In 'Tonight's Top 5', we rundown the top 5 Owen Hart matches. Like what you hear?  Help us by posting a review in the iTunes store.  @SRLradio on Twitter.

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