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With only 16 days away until Wrestlemania, like the weather on South Beach, things are heating up.  Tonight on our show, we welcome the thoughts, ideas and opinions of former WWE creative writer, Andrew Goldstein.  Now a TV Producer in New York, Andrew worked underneath Vince McMahon himself for a year, pitching storyline and creative ideas for their flagship shows.  We chat about the crazy, stressful world of being a WWE writer, how it all works behind the scenes, and also get his opinions on the current 'Road to Wrestlemania'.  We're talking John Cena and the Rock, the Miz and whether his losing streak is by design, and just who we could see filling the empty roster spots for the 12 man tag GM vs GM match.  Have you heard yet?  Smacktalk Radio Live is broadcasting live from Miami on Wrestlemania weekend.  Keep checking back with us for schedule updates.  Find us and post a review of our show in the iTunes store.

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