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We are back from a little hiatus with a new show format, and a couple of housekeeping announcements before we dive into the week it was.  Tonight, we speak with Mike Scully, Co-Producer of the movie 'Kayfabe', an outstanding comedy filmed in Vancouver using local talent as actors.  We also chat about WWE 'No Way Out', and the supposed firing of John Laurainitis.  We dive into the topic of momentum and just how it seems to have been lost for both Big Show and Brock Lesnar.  We ask the question, is John Cena is able to lower himself to a secondary program and take a bit of a backseat?  Is Vince McMahon on television a good thing? Throw in some Summerslam talk and you have a jam-packed edition of Smacktalk Radio Live.  We are giving away a DVD copy of the movie 'Kayfabe'.  Want a chance to win?  Email us your thoughts on the week it was in wrestling to onair@smacktalkradiolive.com.  That's it!  (Contest ends next wednesday, winner drawn at random).  Wrestling talk radio, the way it should be.  Find us in the iTunes store and post a review! @SRLradio on Twitter

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