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We are officially on the road to "Summerslam" and a lot of big things are in the works with the WWE.  John Cena has hand-selected Daniel Bryan to challenge for the WWE Championship and CM Punk has let it be known he's coming for Paul Heyman except he has to get through Brock Lesnar first.  We are just over 4 weeks away from the PPV, and this past Monday alone did a good job heating up the summer fun.  James and Corey run down their thoughts and opinions on the week it was in pro wrestling, starting with this past Sunday's "Money in the Bank" PPV.  In our 'Local Wrestling Scene' tonight, we speak with the Canadian National Wrestling Alliance's (CNWA) Vance Nevada, after news headlines emerged last week that the group is disbanding and CNWA is closing it's doors (33:30 min mark).  We get the exclusive on why this is happening, and maybe throw a little controversy in along the way.  Come join the conversation and take part.  Wrestling. Talk. Radio. Smacktalk Radio Live. @SRLradio on Twitter.

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