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On tonight's extended edition we preview the upcoming 2012 Royal Rumble which happens this Sunday, January 29 from St. Louis, MO.  We discuss who could be the one to outlast 29 other competitors and just what the future would hold for the winner.  We preview the other matches set to take place at the PPV, talking Kane vs Cena, Bryan vs Show vs Mark Henry, and CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler w/ John Laurainitis as the guest referee.  We also speak with former WWE superstar David Heath, better known to the wrestling world as Gangrel.  He gives us his thoughts on his buddy Edge entering the upcoming 2012 Hall of Fame, whether or not he likes the current product, and what he's working on these days.  In our 'Local Wrestling Scene' we speak with the Secretary Treasurer of the Vancouver Athletic Commission, Mike Pattenaude, who gives us the lo-down on WWE's recent trip to Vancouver, whether their show was successful or not, and just how it all works behind the scenes bringing a wrestling event to Vancouver.  In 'Tonight's Top 5', we rundown the top 5 best Royal Rumble Moments.  Facebook.com/smacktalkradio

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